Friday, October 7, 2011

Gentleman of Focus: Yuya Hasegawa of Brift H Japan

I believe that a man's shoes is an important symbol of who he is. By the condition, the style, and of course, their walk, is strong sense of expression of a man.

Of course there are many great American, English and Italian shoes brands and makers out there such as To Boot New York, Berluti, John Lobb and so on, but one man caught my interest not as a shoe maker or boutique owner, but who's profession is to keep the quality and condition of the shoes presentable. Yuya Hasegawa started shoe shining in front of the Shinagawa Station in Japan. Long story short, he now owns a shoe shining lounge called Brift H, where a businessman or simply someone who find shoe care very important, can go grab a drink as he watches his shoes being shined by professionals. 

The one thing that caught my interest in Brift H, is the gentlemen that work there, especially Mr. Hasegawa. You can see the pride and passion of these shoe shiners, how they find a sense of enjoyment of what they do from the smiles on their faces to the conversations they hold with their clients. What a unique experience this would be. I think I would bring at least one shoe a day, not for the service, but for the experience and the enjoyable conversations with these artists. They truly display a sense of passion in their craft. The sense of care in the materials that a man holds is more important than the type of materials he obtains. 

                                                             Amazing skills.

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