Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tumbl on In

As a part of the Fresh Swaggah blog, I have also decided to go with a Tumblr account. I've been using it for the past month and its been really fun, sharing videos and photos on the latest collection of outfits or focusing on certain people have been quick and easy. Plus I am constantly always on it, so stop on by and peep what I have going on from time to time.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Gentleman of Focus: Yuya Hasegawa of Brift H Japan

I believe that a man's shoes is an important symbol of who he is. By the condition, the style, and of course, their walk, is strong sense of expression of a man.

Of course there are many great American, English and Italian shoes brands and makers out there such as To Boot New York, Berluti, John Lobb and so on, but one man caught my interest not as a shoe maker or boutique owner, but who's profession is to keep the quality and condition of the shoes presentable. Yuya Hasegawa started shoe shining in front of the Shinagawa Station in Japan. Long story short, he now owns a shoe shining lounge called Brift H, where a businessman or simply someone who find shoe care very important, can go grab a drink as he watches his shoes being shined by professionals. 

The one thing that caught my interest in Brift H, is the gentlemen that work there, especially Mr. Hasegawa. You can see the pride and passion of these shoe shiners, how they find a sense of enjoyment of what they do from the smiles on their faces to the conversations they hold with their clients. What a unique experience this would be. I think I would bring at least one shoe a day, not for the service, but for the experience and the enjoyable conversations with these artists. They truly display a sense of passion in their craft. The sense of care in the materials that a man holds is more important than the type of materials he obtains. 

                                                             Amazing skills.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Preparations: A Sense of Fulfillment

“Getting dressed is a moment of calm, I think, in each day. It’s a moment that’s entirely our own. It’s a moment when nothing else can disturb us and I think it’s something we need to learn to enjoy once again.”  -Patrick Grant (Owner of Norton & Sons located in Savile Row).
(Source: Quite Continental)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gentleman of Focus: Kyle Wilcher Photography.

One important aspect of bringing out the focus of fashion, no matter what style or concept, is picture. A picture says a thousand words, well...maybe a few hundred haha. Attention to detail is what a well shot photo represents, it brings that sense of wonder and the story that is behind it, especially when looking at fashion wear. 

This brings out my attention to Mr. Kyle Wilcher. Not only a good friend of mine who has a great sense of humor and a clean sense of style, but someone who presents a story through his gift of photography. Anything from commercial shoots to wedding events, the man behind the camera sets a high standard of portraying that story in every single photo. The sense of direction, setting, color, and angles, they all come together to compliment the main focus of each shot.

Take a trip to his website, and see for yourself of what I am describing, you'll wish your Facebook or blog pictures came from his camera. Definitely brings out the best in visual quality.

                                      Kyle Wilcher Photography

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fly Kicks.

Shoes, kicks whatever you wanna call it, it is very important. Why? Because it tells a lot about a person. The cleanliness, the style, the colors, everything, it says it all. Take time when picking up a pair, does it go with the season, does it match the color of one of the pieces of clothing you wear, IS IT CLEAN? Give the Vans and Converse a break, and put a little bit of a sharper look for yourself. When wearing denim, slap on some boots, Clarks Desert Boots pretty much work with anything, and they are very comfortable as well. If you are wearing a nice pair of slim fit dark denim, try on a pair of wing tip oxfords, dark brown or black work well. If you wanna go for comfort and feel like wearing some chinos or slacks, loafers and/or boat shoes work, and the whole combo is very comfortable.

Experiment with shoes, you can never have too many pairs. But the most important part, no matter what shoes you wear and what you wear it with, walk like a man, walk proper. Don't walk like a duck and don't drag your feet (If you drag your feet, I swear I'm gonna trip you!). Walking straight and not lazy, with good posture, displays confidence and power. Basically, you wanna be a man that means business, not "I'm lazy and whatever."

                                        My boy Nick Wooster knows what's up with wing tips.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gentleman of Focus: Nick Wooster.

Through out the times my interest in fashion have grown, I've come across a man who is one slick, badass lookin motherf**ker. The man I am speakin of is Mr. Nick Wooster, currently the Men's Fashion Director of the Neiman Marcus Group. He is someone who definitely has a unique sense of personal style. You'll find a lot of times how he coordinates his whole outfit with comfort and dressy at the same time, compiling many pieces all together, always blending a European cut suit, with a pair of moc work boots. And a fan favorite, a complete blazer, shirt and tie, with camo slacks or shorts. And may I add, I am a big fan of the parted hair, a straight clean cut gentlemen he is.

Nick Wooster is one man who's got the full package, unique sense of personal attire, proper posture, and of course, that swagga son! Definitely presents himself as a boss, cause damn it, he is.