Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gentleman of Focus: Kyle Wilcher Photography.

One important aspect of bringing out the focus of fashion, no matter what style or concept, is picture. A picture says a thousand words, well...maybe a few hundred haha. Attention to detail is what a well shot photo represents, it brings that sense of wonder and the story that is behind it, especially when looking at fashion wear. 

This brings out my attention to Mr. Kyle Wilcher. Not only a good friend of mine who has a great sense of humor and a clean sense of style, but someone who presents a story through his gift of photography. Anything from commercial shoots to wedding events, the man behind the camera sets a high standard of portraying that story in every single photo. The sense of direction, setting, color, and angles, they all come together to compliment the main focus of each shot.

Take a trip to his website, and see for yourself of what I am describing, you'll wish your Facebook or blog pictures came from his camera. Definitely brings out the best in visual quality.

                                      Kyle Wilcher Photography

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