Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fly Kicks.

Shoes, kicks whatever you wanna call it, it is very important. Why? Because it tells a lot about a person. The cleanliness, the style, the colors, everything, it says it all. Take time when picking up a pair, does it go with the season, does it match the color of one of the pieces of clothing you wear, IS IT CLEAN? Give the Vans and Converse a break, and put a little bit of a sharper look for yourself. When wearing denim, slap on some boots, Clarks Desert Boots pretty much work with anything, and they are very comfortable as well. If you are wearing a nice pair of slim fit dark denim, try on a pair of wing tip oxfords, dark brown or black work well. If you wanna go for comfort and feel like wearing some chinos or slacks, loafers and/or boat shoes work, and the whole combo is very comfortable.

Experiment with shoes, you can never have too many pairs. But the most important part, no matter what shoes you wear and what you wear it with, walk like a man, walk proper. Don't walk like a duck and don't drag your feet (If you drag your feet, I swear I'm gonna trip you!). Walking straight and not lazy, with good posture, displays confidence and power. Basically, you wanna be a man that means business, not "I'm lazy and whatever."

                                        My boy Nick Wooster knows what's up with wing tips.

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  1. good post, sir. Good post. I think sneakers are fine, but try other brands besides Vans and Converse... like maybe Keds; slimmer and more sophisticated.