Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gentleman of Focus: Nick Wooster.

Through out the times my interest in fashion have grown, I've come across a man who is one slick, badass lookin motherf**ker. The man I am speakin of is Mr. Nick Wooster, currently the Men's Fashion Director of the Neiman Marcus Group. He is someone who definitely has a unique sense of personal style. You'll find a lot of times how he coordinates his whole outfit with comfort and dressy at the same time, compiling many pieces all together, always blending a European cut suit, with a pair of moc work boots. And a fan favorite, a complete blazer, shirt and tie, with camo slacks or shorts. And may I add, I am a big fan of the parted hair, a straight clean cut gentlemen he is.

Nick Wooster is one man who's got the full package, unique sense of personal attire, proper posture, and of course, that swagga son! Definitely presents himself as a boss, cause damn it, he is.

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